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Online Coaching

Your very own online coach
Before and after picture of one of Jamie's clients
Picture of a homemade pizza recipe that Jamie has made for clients
Recipe instructions for Jamie's homemade healthy pizza
An example of the recipes you will receive

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Online Coaching is Personal Training without the in person guidance during workouts. Your workouts and nutrition are planned by us and just as it would PT, we will sit down with you to map out a plan to make your health & fitness goals a reality.

How does it work?

  1. You will complete a lifestyle questionnaire.

  2. You will then book in your 1-1 consultation with Jamie where you will discuss your goals in greater depth and map out a plan.

  3. You will complete a food diary for Jamie to analyse and receive 30 healthy & interesting, goal focused recipes per month

  4. You will receive tailored workouts according to your goal on our app (these can be in a gym or at home).

  5. You will receive a complimentary workout hoodie delivered to you.

  6. If required, you will receive custom calories and macros for your goal

  7. You will have 24/7 support while on your fitness journey and weekly check-ins.

Click here to book your free consultation

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